Paula Abdul rides thick dick and gets sprayed

September 21st, 2016 by J

Paula Abdul is one happy-go-lucky woman since she can remember. Always taking risks and enjoying the ride especially when she’s clueless as to what the outcome might be. The same thing can be said when it comes to her sex life as she would get into bed with just about any dude who wanted to have a taste of those juicy tits, wet pussy, and wanted to fuck the hell out of her in a hot quickie. Even when she’s spending time with a boyfriend, she would take on a dare about having sex with another jock and she would accept as long as his cock’s size pass her requirements.

Horny Paula Abdul gets plowed hard by boyfriend’s pal

Lucky guy has what Abdul is looking for and it’s a big boner that could stretch her mouth and snatch pretty good. She gets banged rough and deep on the bed in her naked glory until she gets sprayed with sticky spunk on those meaty juggs. Her BF enjoyed the show as he played with his stiff cock on the sides and probably made his own mess that Abdul admit to cleaning up with her tongue too afterward. She’s a hardcore cougar alright!

Naughty Paula enjoying rough interracial sex

May 16th, 2016 by J

It’s quite easy to see that the likes of Paula Abdul would pass for a wild and nasty cougar. There were, after all, rumors about her and a couple of males half her age spending so much time at her million dollar mansion every now and then. Some would say these are her fitness trainers or golf buddies or most times, her dance partners but people surrounding her on a daily know better. She’s seen with all sorts of men but regardless of age, there’s no stopping Paula’s hormones from controlling her sexual desires. She’s been married twice to two different men and both marriages only lasted two years. These were years ago and she never hopped on the bandwagon again, which probably will forever be broken for her, and so she finds another way to indulge in lust without strings attached and she realized this setup worked for her best. Aside from getting her fresh and young fuck fix from her trainers, health gurus, and dance partners, they do a lot of sideline recording these hardcore amateur porn to please themselves with after a hard day’s work.

Paula Abdul takes on wild BBC

You gotta admit, just like J.Lo, Paula Abdul has the charm for males of all ages and just like J.Lo, she could get on with whoever she wants. From her back up dancers down to her masseur, pretty sure she’s tried them all. This video is considered to be one of her wildest because she’s banging around with her newly hired black driver. And this looks like he’s not just driving Abdul’s cars but taking the gear and sticking his shaft in her ass and cunt as well. Abdul enjoys sucking on this black meat and letting him lick and eat her twat while spreading her legs wide. And to give this naughty cam show that extra oomph, getting her tight bunghole together with her wet and slippery cunt is a must to show. Oh, yes, of course she knows that this homemade porn will leak somehow that’s why she made sure that she will expose every single bit of herself in the process of losing her mind during a wild wild interracial sex. So, she’s not just busy in a gym using those apparatus to keep her muscles lean and mean. She’s got her pleasurable workouts with this dude and some others and it’s so much better than dealing with sweaty stinky machines.

Paula Abdul: Cougar

June 21st, 2010 by ms.paula

Internet rumors has it that Paula Abdul has been dating a hot younger guy: J. T. Torregiani, a restaurant owner who is twelve years her junior. Being very evasive about her personal life, Paula chooses to keep quiet about the relationship.

paula abdul lingerie

Not everyone may agree, but I find Paula Abdul hot. I think it’s that spunky personality of hers that gives her an air of sexual confidence, maybe it’s just her diva attitude. And yet she manages to give off the slightest hint of emotional fragility.

paula abdul sexy

And as far as looks go, I think she is holding up pretty well as compared to most women her age. She still has those wasboard abs and firm breasts. And lest anyone forget, she used to be a Lakers girl. If you want to see more Paula Abdul sexy pics, just click on the link.

An awesome display of Paula Abdul’s fantastic cleavage

August 25th, 2008 by ms.paula

To get you hot and lusting for the really raunchy stuff, I give to you this mixed set of Paula Abdul showing off her great cleavage for everybody to admire.  This is a set of pictures from her early career up to the present.  Check them out below and click the thumbs for the big version.

You can see that Paula was never lacking in the chest department and she knows how to spruce her appearance up to take advantage of this god-given asset.  Paula has a lot of low-cut and revealing outfits in her wardrobe, I tell you.  From these pictures alone you can see that she’s got different dresses that show off her considerable bosom to the fullest.  Well, nobody’s complaining at all and in fact, I’m pretty sure that you want to see more, right?  That’s easy; all you have to do is click this link and you’ll be redirected to the best online resource on Paula Abdul’s hot, nude images and other naughty stuff.

A small gallery of pictures featuring Paula Abdul during her pop star days

August 25th, 2008 by ms.paula

After her stint as the lead choreographer for the famous Lakers Girls, Paula Abdul tried her hand in the music industry and enjoyed a lot of success as a pop star during the early nineties.  Her debut album was her most successful and she barged into the limelight with 4 chart toppers coming from her album, joining an elite number of female artists who achieved the same feat.  She definitely made good use of the opportunities presented to her when she got famous for revolutionizing dancing during her heyday.  One could say that she danced herself to fame and fortune.  Let’s take a look at what she looked like during those days.  Take a peek at these pictures from her storied past as a pop singer.  Click the thumbs below for the full version of the pictures.

She certainly dressed the part huh?  We could see from these early pictures that Paula was destined to become the fine woman we know today.  She’s sexy, talented and a great performer.  These traits were her keys to success because fans and critics alike tend to look at artists for their overall image and I can say that Paula has them all.  She gives it all during her performances and we all know that this woman can dance.  Her audience feeds off that energy and that spells the key to success in the music industry.  Now if you want more stuff of your idol, then head on over to and download all the nude sexy pictures of Paula Abdul that are available there.

Paula Abdul looks delicious in a low-cut, revealing white dress

August 25th, 2008 by ms.paula

The sweetheart judge of the phenomenal T.V. show American Idol has made heads turn when she wore this very revealing dress.  Paula Abdul displayed her considerable cleavage to the fullest and photographers went crazy with their cameras and shot her from all angles to get the best photo of her in this dress.  No doubt a lot of the photographers were hoping for some nipple slip from the former dancer and choreographer.  Unfortunately, no nip slip happened that night and we all just have to be satisfied with what we’ve got, which I must say is not bad.  Just take a look at the sample thumbs I’ve included in this post and admire Paula’s fantastic breasts as they almost burst out from her dress.

Paula just gets yummier with age and the proof is right here before our eyes.  I would love to bury my face between her glorious globes and die happy.  We should give credit to the people who took these photos and congratulate them for a job well done documenting Paula’s tits.  Paula knows she’s got the stuff and she’s not shy at all to share them with us.  For more naughty pictures, just visit Paula Abdul Nude and I’m sure you’ll have a great time browsing the collection of nude photos and movies available in the site.