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Paula Abdul is an American pop singer, dancer, choreographer and television personality.  She has also dabbled in the movie industry, getting bit parts in some movies from the nineties.  A head choreographer for the famed Lakers Girls cheerleaders in the eighties, she was discovered by the Jackson Five whom she impressed with her unique and impressive dancing skills.  She revolutionized the style of cheerleading as an industry with her talent as dancer and choreographer.  Although Paula Abdul has never made herself a sexpot image, she is still undoubtedly sexy in a lot of people’s minds.  Being a cheerleader may have lent a hand in this perception of Paula as a sexy celebrity.  Add to that her fit and toned body from years of dancing and cheerleading.  Paula has made a name for herself with her talent and sexy image.  She definitely made a lot of people fall in love with her mole.

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